Upen Goswami

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Sri Upen Goswami is actively associated with many social organisation like Assam Sahitya Sabha, Assam Natya Sanmilan, Mahabahu NGO, Lachit Puthibharal, Priyabandhu etc as a life member and contributing huge to the community.Sri Upen Goswami is very softhearted towards the childs and initiated many activities for their development from the front. Also he has published few books specially for childrens like”প্ৰাৰ্থনা সংগীত” “বিদ্যালয়ত নাটক কৰোঁ আহা””ওমলা গীত আৰু ভংগিমা গীত” “এক্কা গাড়ীত উঠি সত্যই দিল্লী চহৰ চালে” etc.Mr Goswami is a teacher by profession and a very inspiring & cultured social activists who is willing to dedicate his services for the social well-being with Sanskardhwani Foundation.