Dr Nagendra Nath Sarma

Dr Nagendra Nath Sarma is a well known social organizer and social reformer, a brilliant educationist, a polished politician and political researcher, a notable writer & columnist and a loving father, who is still associated with 5 institution and 4 organization with huge guiding responsibility.

He is a successful college teacher, a successful Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) who did his Phd in political development of Bhutan in 80’s.

Dr Nagendra Nath Sarma is the winner of Sitanath Brahma Choudhury award offered by Asom Sahitya Sabha for his “ANE MRITYU SHILPA NAHAY”. Also many other books have been published by Asom Sahitya Sabha like “HEM BARUA JIVAN ARU PATABHUMI” “PURATATTVIK GANA ITIHAS” “MUNDAHIN KUKURARA JUMJ”.

Our heartiest welcome to Dr Nagendra Nath Sarma to our family.

We are blessed to have him as our Chief Advisor in our Advisory Board.

Please join me to congratulate the most handsome gentlemen for another social journey with Sanskardhwani Foundation.